5 Best Fishing Spots in Costa Rica for the Beginners

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the top fishing destinations in the world. Many anglers make record-breaking catches in this country. But fishing here is not reserved for only the professionals. With an excellent variety of inshore, offshore, and freshwaters, fishing in Costa Rica is for everyone. Here are some of the best fishing spots.


Catching a sailfish on your mind? Look no further than Quespos. It is considered to be the sailfish capital of the world and frequently hosts world offshore championships. The sea is filled with giant sailfishes. You can expect to catch a fish weighing 110-120 pounds approximately. What’s more, you can even catch 5 to 15 fishes in a single day on a high season. You can also find yellowfin tuna, Marlin, snapper, amberjack, and roosterfish. Sailfish is best noticed during November to April and Marlin population sores during September and October months.


The best fishing in Costa Rica can be experienced in Jaco. This bustling coastal city is home to Los Sueños Marina, the country’s first government-sanctioned marina. It has a full-service port and offers excellent luxury charters for offshore and inshore fishing. The crowning jewel in this spot is the billfish. Jaco also has a good population of Dorado, Marlin, Pacific Sali fish, and roosterfish. Visit Jaco from December through March, although fishing is available all year round.


It is situated in the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and is popular for snook fishing. Tortuguero is a remote coastline that can only be accessed via a boat or a small plane. Sea turtles can be found in large numbers here. This place houses all four species of sea turtles in Costa Rica. You can find numerous turtle nests and waters that are bubbling with fish. This place is a must visit for anyone who is looking to hook a 100-pound tarpon. It also has good quantities of freshwater fish. The best time to visit this place is during September and October and from February through May.

Gulf of Papagayo

It is situated in the northwestern region of Costa Rica. The best fishing in Costa Rica can be experienced here from June onwards. You can find some of the biggest roosterfish here. Sailfish, tuna, marlin, and dorado can also be found. It has one of the newest marinas in the country. It is constructed with an eco-friendly plan and offers stunning scenery and ocean topography.

Osa Peninsula

It is one of the most remote tourist destinations and is widely regarded for sport fishing. Enjoy a unique nighttime fishing experience here. There are plenty of large and vibrant fishes to catch. The surrounding bays, estuaries, and rivers add to the fantastic scenery of the place. Grouper, mackerel, wahoo, snapper, yellowfin and bigeye tuna can be found here.

Fishing in Costa Rican waters is a unique experience. There are several exotic fishing spots to visit. Every spot is rich in diverse marine life and will guarantee great thrill and satisfaction of a good catch.


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