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Newly Divorced? Reclaim Your Life with These 5 Divorce Party Ideas in Costa Rica

In life, shit happens. Divorce is just one of them.

If you are down in the dumps post split-up, it’s time you shook those feelings off.

Because your divorce doesn’t define you.

Because, finally, you get to be you!

Press the Reset button with a blowout vacation in Costa Rica. Stage a spectacular comeback, complete with divorce party shenanigans and a string of brand new experiences.

#1 Unleash Your Inner Party Animal


Free at last and in charge of your own life! That’s the key takeaway from the whole murky episode called divorce. A life free of mind games, melodrama, and spite. Reason enough for celebration! The best stop for that would be Jaco, whose thriving club scene and testosterone-fuelled night outs can put the much-touted Vegas to shame.

At nightfall, Jaco transforms into the party capital that it is with high-octane revelry, complete with music and dance. Many clubs and bars in Jaco stay open into the wee hours of morning, so rock all you want! Feeling lighter? Swing by a casino and have a go at a game of roulette or blackjack. What if the tide is finally turning in your favor?

If you’re worried about losing your way (or judgement) after a night of mindless partying, hire a private concierge before you set out on your fun night. They will make sure that you get back to your place safe and sound for more partying.

#2 Embark on Wholesome Adventure

Come to think of it, marriage is an adventure whose true nature is revealed when things go downhill. A single episode of emotional neglect, infidelity, drunken behavior, or domestic violence is all it takes to rock the boat of domestic bliss. Then comes a series of curveballs, gut-wrenching twists and turns. Even if you want out, there is the excruciating legal process to contend with.

Now that you’re out of that emotional roller coaster, embark on an ego-boosting, adrenaline-pumping, wholesome adventure. In Costa Rica, the country that offers adrenaline junkies a variety of adventure sports, you can pick from a bunch of mild to extreme physical activities.

Capitalize on the rich coast and go surfing on the barreling waves. If you’re not an avid surfer yet, make use of this opportunity to learn the ropes from a surfing coach. A sky trek (zip line), on the other hand, needs no experience. Flying past forest canopies and canyons, 600 feet above the ground, you’ll realize you’re no snowflake. Whitewater rafting, ATV, canyoning, and bungee jumping are other adventures that can send your confidence and self-esteem soaring.

#3 Charter a Party Boat and Go Loose

Indulge in a luxury retreat on a swanky party boat. Raise a toast to the new empowered you while your friends chime in with congratulations, gifts, or separate toasts. Dig into the delicacies served onboard. Plop down on the deck and treat your skin to the golden rays of the sun. The idea is to savor every minute of the three-hour retreat.

Looking for closure? Go ahead and sink that wedding ring of yours in the deep blue ocean. And why not? The ring has turned out to be more metal than a symbol of love. Also, let it go with the gravitas it deserves. You said “I do” once. Now you’re truly done. Bye, bye, ring!

Shake away those lingering blues with DJ music. The cathartic action of casting the ring plus the surreal views of the sunset plus foot-tapping music should by now set your mind at rest if not raring to go.

#4 Replicate the Wedding Theme

Enjoy irony? Turn the wedding theme on its head. Have the divorce party hall festooned with “Just Divorced” balloons. Add more bling with divorce party favors and decorations. Order a many-tiered cake decorated with hilarious lines: “I do, I did, I’m done” or “Newly Unwed” or just “Happily Divorced.”  

If that doesn’t reek sarcasm, toast your mean ex with side-splitting cocktails such as Divorcitini, Rum Baby Rum, Alimotiny, Soul Robber,  and The Take It All.  Create a playlist of your favorite songs that celebrate singledom, including “Run the World,” “I Will Survive,” “The Evil That Men Do,” among a dozen others and dance till you drop. Have a gourmet dinner with all your favorite foods prepared by an accomplished private chef.

Want to replicate the fun wedding games? Add punching bag to release any pent-up anger or a dart board with your ex’s picture. Extend the ritual with a pool party with DJ music, food and bottle service or a hot tub party right within your rental.

#5 Indulge in Self-Care

You’ve busted your chops ministering to your partner and family all along. Do yourself a favor: bestow those privileges on your own body and mind now. Self-care is the first step towards recovery. Wreck repair begins with the simple step of signing up for a therapeutic spa service. And in Costa Rica, you don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to afford it.

Many of Costa Rica’s wellness centers are situated in stunning locations and have an ambiance that is instantly soothing. An hour of personalized aromatherapy or deep-tissue massage will find you relaxing despite yourself. Top it with an exfoliating full-body Costa Rica coffee scrub and mud wrap. With the dead skin, shed your dead past.

If you’ve been weeping or grieving like a smombie, compulsively cyberstalking or texting your ex, you can let go of all that now – a retreat that combines yoga and meditation will help relieve your anxiety and you can experience the beginning of long-deprived serenity. Congratulate yourself on this first victory you score over your obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

In Closing …

Have strict barriers to entry: Only your most trusted confidantes should be allowed into your divorce party. Do not film or take pictures of your divorce party before the divorce is final. It could work against you during the final proceedings.

If you have more divorce party ideas and want one truly personalized, drop us a line!


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