Exploring the Best Nightlife Options in Costa Rica


Local Costa Ricans pride themselves on celebrating nightlife with full enthusiasm. Besides their karaoke bars, pubs, and discs, they also swear by highly energetic night street parties and wild beach revelry. If you are a nocturnal creature, Costa Rica is the place to be.

There are extensive selections of happening joints where you can experience the best nightlife in Costa Rica. Here are our top recommendations of the places to let your hair down in, once the sun sets:

Santa Teresa

When you are looking to strike the right balance between loud and chilled out places to hang out by night, head to Santa Teresa. Each day of the week, the venue of the massive party in town, shifts locations. Here you can expect to get your fill of big-time techno beats, salsa moves, and cheap drinks. To be at the right place at the right time, ask around, and a local or even a tourist will guide you to the exact spot.

For a more laidback vibe, you can grab a cocktail or beer at the many bars and lounges playing cool reggae tunes. Suggest you do so after relishing a divine seafood spread offered by the fantastic restaurants around. This way you can spend hours just chilling with your loved ones without a care in the world.

San Jose

At this modern cultural hub, you can indulge in some amazing craft beer. You will often come across a famous lager called Imperial while the cocktails here have a more tropical flair to them.

Since San Jose caters to a large international population, do not be surprised to find both European-style discos and Irish pubs here. You can even choose between hookah lounges meant exclusively for chilling and dance clubs with DJ’s belting out one track after another.


The nightlife scene cannot get any bigger than in Tamarindo. From rooftop bars playing loud underground house music to casinos serving an array of unique cocktails, the range is phenomenal. While at the rooftop bar, the impressive skyline will leave you mesmerized as it progresses from dusk to darkness.

You may strike luck at the casino while sipping away on cocktails. Should you prefer a slower pace, head to a lounge offering the ultimate combo of cocktails with the freshest sushi. For those who would rather not step out, your sea-facing hotel suite balcony is the place to chill.


Craving to have the best nightlife in Costa Rica, Jaco offers discos with massive dance floors and unbelievable sound systems. You are guaranteed of a lively night as you sip on your favorite drink and soak-up the fun vibe.

Make each night in Costa Rica more memorable than the previous by absorbing the ‘pura vida,’ aka ‘pure life’ local mantra.


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