How You Can Get Around in Costa Rica?

Are you thinking of going away to Costa Rica for several days? Odds are, you are probably interested in doing many things and going to many places across the country, and if that is the case, transportation will also be important to consider.

In order to get to and from all of the best vacation spots in Costa Rica, here are all the transportation methods that you can consider:

Rental Car

If you want full control of where to go and drive to, you can get a rental car and drive anywhere you want. Driving a car, unlike riding in a bus or plane, will give you freedom and flexibility where you don’t have to go to one destination and don’t have to arrive to travel at a certain time.

If you choose to rent your own car, the rates will vary depending on your insurance, the times of year, and the car that you choose to rent. This is by no means the most affordable option for travelling though, so if you are looking to travel on a budget, there are other choices for getting around.


Taxis are very easy to find throughout Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s official taxis are red in color and will have a yellow light and triangle on top. Usually, the taxi’s license plate will be located at the driver or passenger’s door. These taxis will charge you with flat rates, have insurance, and are safe to travel with. Airport taxis will be orange in color, and they can take you from your airport to your hotel.

If you want a custom taxi ride that you can set up any time, you can consider Uber, as well, but they are only available in San Jose as of this writing.

Be wary of “pirate taxis”, or taxis that are not red or managed by Uber. These taxis will charge whatever they want, likely are not covered by insurance, and are likely less safe to travel in.

Domestic Plane

Domestic planes are also an option if you need to get to the other side of the country in record time. It may take you 2 hours to drive to a specific place in Costa Rica by car, but in the same time, you could get there by plane in just about 20 minutes. There are two domestic airlines offered in Costa Rica, and most planes can carry up to 20 passengers and fly to one of 15 destinations in the country. This might be the most expensive means of traveling, but the time as well as the views you’ll be getting, can make it all worth it.


The most affordable method of transportation that doesn’t involve walking is taking a bus. If you are thinking about taking a tour in a region of Costa Rica, though, riding the bus might not be a bad idea. All of Costa Rica’s major cities have bus routes that can take you to downtown, beaches, and other destinations. When you plan your bus ride, be sure to buy a ticket in advance and arrive early so that you are guaranteed a spot on the bus. Unfortunately, busses do not travel from city to city like a Greyhound, so you should consider renting a car or going on a domestic plane for long-distance traveling.


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