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Where Your Fishing Dreams Come True

Add a touch of royalty to sportfishing with our irresistible Costa Rica fishing packages, custom tours, premium services, and personalized care. The fishing opportunities in Costa Rica are numerous, and this holds true for all seasons. The catch varies with the season, but the challenge and the fun remain undiminished at all times. Whether you are looking for sportfishing in Tamarindo, Quepos, or Los Sueños, we’ve got top-notch Costa Rica fishing charters lined up for you!

Superior Costa Rica Fishing Charters

When you choose Jaco Royale, you get to choose from a fine array of Costa Rica fishing charters fully-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, custom rods, and tackle for fishing in the Pacific. With air-conditioned cabins, carpeted salons, entertainment center, and complimentary fruits and drinks, the tours aboard these charters border on the regal. Write to us for Costa Rica fishing charter prices so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Skilled Skipper and Crew

Your Costa Rica fishing adventure gets only as good as the crew who man the boats, so we ensure that you have the best captains and first mates to lead you. Having run hundreds of tours for everything from tuna to the elusive marlin over the years, our crew members (who, helpfully, are bilingual too) know what works best while sportfishing in Costa Rica, from spotting, luring, and reeling the catch

Inshore Fishing Tours

If you are looking for a relatively relaxed Costa Rica sportfishing experience, then inshore fishing might be the thing for you. Also, if you are with family and kids. Inshore fishing happens within 30 miles of shoreline around islands, reefs, and coves where non-migratory fishes like snapper, rooster, grouper, and amberjacks thrive. You can opt for inshore fishing all year round.

Offshore Fishing Tours

It’s the ultimate in fishing for those who can’t resist a serious challenge. Marlin, sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna – there’s big game out there for seasoned anglers and for those who want to learn the ropes of deep sea fishing. Known to put up a tenacious fight, these stalwarts of the ocean can keep you on tenterhooks for hours, giving you the real taste of a Costa Rica fishing adventure.

Personalized Tours

You can pick a Costa Rica sportfishing package from a host of options, which range from half-day to multi-day tours. These can be further tweaked to suit your needs, with slight changes to the budget. For example, if you signed up for a half-day tour but would like to hang out longer or if you want to go further than initially planned for a little extra cost, we are open to them.

Set out on a thrilling Costa Rica fishing adventure!