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Go on a sensational Costa Rican tour!

Flanked by oceans on both sides and home to a rich forest ecosystem, Costa Rica is a veritable paradise for nature lovers and an excellent choice for nature tours. Royale Tours takes you through Costa Rica’s iconic forests on an awe-inducing rainforest trip that covers spectacular waterfalls and majestic volcanoes. Breathe in the pure air, learn about the diverse flora and fauna, and luxuriate in the lap of nature.

Rainforest Tour

Put on your hiking shoes and explore the Costa Rican rainforests that throb with exotic wildlife. In the company of a nature guide, you can spot tropical critters and gain insights into other unique species of the land. For adrenaline junkies, a zipline tour offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the forest as well as the intense thrill of a rainforest tour.

Crocodile Tour

For wildlife enthusiasts, a jungle crocodile safari on the Tarcoles river will be a highly rewarding experience. Watch crocodiles go about their normal lives in their natural habitat oblivious to human presence. Birders, keep your binoculars on the ready. If you are an expert, you can spot as many as 100 different birds during the crocodile safari.

Manuel Antonio Tour

Picture a crystal blue sea and pristine beaches hedged by rainforests right up to the shoreline…that’s picturesque Manuel Antonio. The Manuel Antonio National Park that houses over a 100 mammals and birds is a naturalist’s dream tour destination. On a lucky day, you may spot many of Costa Rica’s famous monkeys and sloths.

Tortuga Island Tour

With its 300-acres of forests and beaches, the Tortuga Island in the Nicoya Peninsula is an attractive destination for eco-tours. There are all kinds of activities in store for you on the island, including kayaking and snorkeling. You can have a game of beach volleyball or just plonk down on a deck and bask in the sun.

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Waterfall Tour

Nestled in the dense rainforests, the waterfalls of Costa Rica offer a mesmerizing sight and leisurely swim in their lucid pools. La Fortuna waterfall in the Arenal Volcano region is a gigantic wonder, which true to its name, you might feel lucky to visit. Hiking, swimming, and whitewater rafting are some of the waterfall tour activities you’d be delighted to try.

Monkey Tour

Does chilling out with monkeys in the wild and rubbing shoulders with them sound exciting? Then hop in the riverboat as we go exploring the wildlife in the mangroves. The white-faced capuchin monkeys will keep the shutterbug in you wildly busy and so will the sloths, silky anteaters, iguanas, herons, and other mangrove creatures.

Pack your gear and prepare for an enchanting rainforest tour. Call us now!