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The allure of surfing in Jaco, Costa Rica, goes beyond its lush tropical landscapes and stunning ocean views. This Pacific paradise offers an incredible variety of surf breaks appealing to every level of surfer, from the experienced big wave rider to the absolute beginner. This blog post will guide you through the best surf spots in the area, providing valuable insight into both the legendary waves and lesser-known gems.

Playa Hermosa

 A world-class surf destination, Playa Hermosa, lies just a few miles south of Jaco’s lively town center. Known for its consistent and powerful waves, Playa Hermosa attracts experienced surfers from around the planet for its adrenaline-pumping surf action. The best time for surfing at this black sand beach is during the rainy season (May through November) when swells are more significant and more frequent. The Autumn season in the month of June is the most popular. While suitable for advanced surfers, beginner and intermediate riders should exercise caution in these challenging waters.


Playa Jaco

 As one of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches, Playa Jaco offers a highly accessible surfing experience for riders of all skill levels. With beach break waves offering a variety of surfing opportunities – including lefts, rights, and A-frames – beginners and seasoned surfers alike can find their ideal conditions along this stretch of coastline. Numerous well-regarded surf schools and instructors are on hand to help aspiring surfers hone their skills or learn the basics.


 The serene and uncrowded beaches of Esterillos provide an idyllic setting for intermediate to advanced surfers seeking long and consistent waves. An added benefit is that surf breaks tend to remain relatively crowd-free compared to other more tourist-driven areas. Lodging options are available close by with several cabins, hotels, or Airbnb accommodations catering to surfers who seek an extended stay within walking distance from the breaks.


Boca Barranca

 Famous for its long left-hand wave, Boca Barranca offers a unique surfing experience with its river mouth break. While challenging to access and navigate during certain tides and conditions, diligent surfers can reap the rewards of this iconic Costa Rican wave. Knowledge of the tides and some patience are essential for conquering this surf spot. Surfers who dare to take on the challenge of Boca Barranca are rewarded with the exhilarating experience of riding a long and powerful left-hand wave that seems to go on forever.

The river mouth break adds an element of unpredictability, making each ride at Boca Barranca a thrilling adventure. While it may require careful planning and timing to catch the optimal conditions, the satisfaction of successfully navigating this iconic wave is well worth the effort and patience.


Where to Stay During Your Surf Vacation in Costa Rica?

 Situated in the heart of Jaco, our luxury and premium properties provide surfers with an unbeatable combination of amenities and proximity to incredible surf breaks. Our offerings include surfing packages, and a variety of accommodations to suit any preference. With countless positive testimonials from customers, we are an excellent stay option for an unforgettable surf vacation.

Our qualified surfing trainers, comprising seasoned experts, ensure your comfort and safety in the water. Regardless of your level – from beginners to experienced riders – our skilled coaches tailor their guidance, helping you conquer new maneuvers and refining your surfing approach in diverse wave conditions. 

Safety is our hallmark. We provide meticulously chosen surfboards that cater to your unique specifications – height, weight, and skill level – for a secure and enjoyable ride. Our top-quality safety equipment adds an extra layer of confidence as you venture into the waves, making your surf experience truly worry-free.


Surfing Culture in Jaco

The vibrant surfing culture in Jaco is evident in its numerous local events, competitions, and gatherings throughout the year. These lively events cement Jaco’s reputation as a true surf mecca that celebrates the lifestyle of wave riders. From surf competitions that showcase impressive skills to beachfront bars and shops that cater to the surfing community, Jaco embraces its surfing culture and invites visitors to immerse themselves in the laid-back atmosphere that permeates the town.


Safety and Environmental Considerations

While enjoying the thrilling waves of Jaco, it is important to prioritize safety and environmental consciousness. Practicing surf etiquette, respecting other surfers in the water, and being aware of local surf conditions are crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, preserving the natural beauty of Jaco’s surf spots and minimizing your environmental impact through responsible tourism is essential for the long-term sustainability of these cherished locations.



In conclusion, Jaco, Costa Rica, is undeniably a surfing paradise, offering an array of surf spots that cater to surfers of all levels. Whether you’re seeking the excitement of powerful waves at Playa Hermosa, the accessibility and variety of surf breaks at Playa Jaco, the uncrowded serenity of Esterillos, or the unique experience of Boca Barranca, Jaco has something for every wave enthusiast. Add in the luxury and convenience of Jaco Royale, along with the vibrant surfing culture that permeates the town, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable surf trip. So grab your board, catch a wave, and discover the incredible surf spots that await you in Jaco, Costa Rica.


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