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Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you are a woman planning to travel by yourself in Costa Rica, then you may have some concerns regarding the do’s and don’ts.

The good thing is that Costa Rica as a travel destination is relatively safe for everyone. The locals are friendly, kind, and respectful for women. In fact, women in this Caribbean country are deeply respected. Therefore, it is a great choice for traveling alone, even if this is your first time on your own.

However, if you want to avoid being in a sticky situation, here are a few tips that will help you plan a fun and safe trip.

Just take the trip!

You may be traveling to Costa Rica solo for a number of reasons, be it ease of exploring on your own or non-availability of friends. The good news is that either ways the country is a great place to travel because you will have plenty of opportunities to make new friends at a hostel or find quiet spot for self-reflection at a comfy beach rental.

Keep an eye out for your personal possessions

While it is rare to experience violent crimes in Costa Rica, especially its guests, petty theft is no unheard of. To keep your things safe, you should always place them in front of you, where you can see them. For instance, if you are eating at a restaurant, keep your purse in your lap; if you are walking through the crowded streets, make sure that your bag’s zippers are fastened. You should also wear your backpack on the front. Don’t be carefree and leave your stuff lying around the beach as you go for a swim.

Book safe accommodations

There are plenty of vacation rentals and hostels in Costa Rica that are incredibly safe. So research one before you leave for your vacation and book it ahead. You can Know About Costa Rica Vacation Rentals online and ensure that they are solo-female traveller friendly.

Embrace the social custom but be wary of catcalling

Don’t be surprised if you get tons of unsolicited compliments. This is a common social custom in Latin America. They even have a name for it, Piropos.

It is common for women to be called beautiful and even receive love declarations from a passer-by. These compliments are just directed towards women in general and don’t mean to offend anyone. However, they are not same as catcalling. So, if you experience rude comments, report it to the nearest police officer.

Don’t stop exploring

Traveling alone means planning everything on your own. But don’t worry. There are a dozen companies that offer tours such as surf lessons, hiking, climbing the volcano, horse riding etc. Costa Rica is an outdoor country, so get outside and explore its natural wonders!

Use these tips to plan the perfect solo trip to Costa Rica. We promise you that you will come back with more memories than you can retain!


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