Costa Rica to Unwind

What is the Best Time of Year to Go to Costa Rica to Unwind?

Vacations are all about recharging your batteries by enjoying a change of scene from your regular routine. Before you head to someplace new, it is advisable to do your homework in order to make the most of your getaway. Planning a trip during the most favorable time allows you to do justice on all fronts.

The recommended best time of year to go to Costa Rica begins from late November and continues to April. This is considered the tourist season as the sunny skies and absence of heavy rain attracts those looking forward to an exciting trip. Keep in mind the following factors while planning a vacation to this rainforest region:

Weather Conditions

The months of May till August bring all outdoor activities to a standstill owing to the incessant rain mostly from afternoon onward. During the mornings you may witness clear skies. The subsequent two months of September and October are considered the rainiest months as the entire day it pours. The driest months in this part of the world are March and April.

Projected Expenses

Late November to April also known as the dry season coincides with the chilly conditions elsewhere hence, is the best time of year to go to Costa Rica. Planning your trip around the peak season results in added expenses as the increased demand correspondingly results in steeper rentals.

The wetter months also known as the green season commences in May and continues till mid-November. Considering the influx of tourists is far less during these months, travel and accommodation rates tend to be much lower. Those on a budget can opt to visit Costa Rica this time of year.

Events That Catch Your Fancy

This country witnesses the largest celebrations during the Easter holidays which are a week-long. Each town hosts its own version of a religious parade. In October around the second week, is when the streets are flooded with dancers and floats to celebrate its very discovery by Columbus. 15th September is when Costa Rica celebrates its Independence Day.

You can look forward to school children marching along the streets while playing their instruments. The Envision festival covering 4 days revolves around yoga, music, art, and food. It is held each year towards the end of February.

Hobby Indulgences

For fishing enthusiasts whether professional or recreational, Costa Rica offers one of the best experiences. The fishing season lasts the year round and some areas organize competitive fishing tournaments as the waters are flooded with a wide array of fish. There are dedicated fishing charters who transport you to the exact spots which boast of bountiful catches.

To reap the best rewards, customize your vacation based on whether you intend traveling solo, with friends or family.


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