Jaco Costa Rica A Perfect Place for Nightlife

What Makes Jaco Costa Rica A Perfect Place for Nightlife Enthusiasts?

Jaco Costa Rica A Perfect Place for NightlifePacific Coast province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Jaco, the small but bustling community, is an all-time favorite for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and party animals. Though many hidden villages are to be found in Costa Rica, Jaco is far from a remote village – with beaches, jungles, waterfalls, ample outdoor sports, dining, and shopping during the day, Jaco keeps its thrill-seeking visitors busy even at night scintillating nightlife which includes a variety of activities such as:

Watch the Sunset at the Villa Caleta Amphitheater

Embark on an exhilarating night by watching the sunset at the Villa Caleta Amphitheater, while sipping on exotic cocktails along with an exquisite fine dining experience to keep you going through the night. If you don’t want to start off watching the sunset at an amphitheater, the best place to go is one of the pristine beaches of Jaco such as the Playa Jaco, the north end of this beach will give you a view of the mountains with your sunset while the south end will give you palm trees and cocktail bars such as the Tiki Bar.

Try Your Luck at Hotel Cocal and Casino

Once the sun has set, you still have some quiet time before the party scene is in full swing later on in the night, so you may want to take a few chances, put on your poker face, or try your luck at Hotel Cocal and Casino. Here, you chill out with a few cocktails, find a pool bar and a game lounge. If you want to try your luck by the beach, try the Holy Moly where you’ll find the club scene with a dance floor and a stage for performances. Serious players may want to check out the Croc’s Resort and Casino.

Visit Jaco’s Clubs

If playing your cards isn’t your thing, but grooving to the tunes is, then any one of Jaco’s clubs where regular live performances are hosted is the place for you. Whether its rock or reggae, local or global, works of art or trans-continental organic cuisine, you’ll find something to grab your attention at the Green Room Café. Other happening spots on the rock scene include the Orange Pub, Los Amigos Jaco, the Luna Lounge, the Jaco Blu Beach Club, and many more.

Enjoy the Wild Night Parties

Party animals come to Jaco because of its reputation for wild all-night parties. So, if it’s drinks, dance, DJs, and air-conditioning you’re looking for, the Monkey bar is the place to be. Want to pair surfing with Jaco Costa Rico nightlife? Then, the Backyard Bar is the perfect spot. With lively open-air dining, live performances, surf contests, barbecues, bonfires and even a ladies night brings the locals, tourists and everyone else together for some fun. For those partying beyond 12 am, the Le Loft, Mancave, and Club Wave get the serious partying going well after most other clubs have called it a night.

The nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica is one of the most varied and suited to any budget and style you can think of. The next question asked by most travelers is “is it safe?” Without much ado, the answer is “yes, it is safe”. Needless to say, you should exercise the same precautions you would when traveling to any other city or vacation spot.

Keep valuables and documents secure, and keep to the main tourist spots, going off regular tourist routes is not always a good choice. If ever in doubt, remember that Costa Rica is rated as a Level 1 country by the United States Department of State implying that you only need to exercise normal precautions during your visit.

So, go ahead, book your trip, go wild, and soak in the sun, sand, and sights in Jaco Costa Rica.