Love Costa Rica

Why You’ll Love Costa Rica If You Have Enjoyed Vacationing In Florida

Love Costa RicaCosta Rica is hands down one of the best countries to spend your vacation. This tropical country has a booming economy thanks to tourism with a healthy blend of human activity and exotic wildlife. Tourist love to do fun activities, relax on the beach, and eat wonderful food while in Costa Rica, but how does it compare to Florida? Is it an even better place to travel to?

Allow us to compare Costa Rica to Florida from a tourism perspective.


Costa Rica, thanks to its location near the equator, receives sunny, Summery weather all year round. Around 70 to 80 degrees fahrenheit, there is no official summer or winter seasons. In comparison, it is hotter than Florida by around 10 degrees on average.

From May to November, however, it does have a rainy season, and this rain could actually be refreshing. This rainy season could be the best time for Costa Rica if you want to enjoy the country’s offerings, but are turned off somewhat by the constantly hot weather.


Nature is very prevalent in Florida, despite all the people and attractions. In Florida, you have your share of natural attractions like wildlife preserves, swamps, and national parks. While much of Florida’s preserved nature is beautiful, it all is rather domestic and familiar to people who are from another part of the United States.

The national parks in Costa Rica that you will find are all worth checking out. Rainforests, waterfalls, caves, volcanoes, mountains, and even calm settings like plains are all places in Costa Rica that mostly are not present in Florida. Costa Rica’s wildlife is also very vast, and are worth going out of your way to see, such as the leatherback sea turtle from Las Baulas National Marine Park.

While Costa Rica lacks in amusement parks and bustling cities, the exciting nature throughout the country well makes up for it. In addition to exotic and tropical sights to see, there are also various outdoor activities to enjoy that Costa Rica’s environments make much more memorable to tourists.

But if you are looking for awesome places to stay during your best time for Costa Rica, there are plenty of rental homes and resorts for you to consider. By staying in a villa or condo conveniently located near various points of interest, you can plan out your stay ahead of time and make sure you check off as many activities from your personal list as you can.

Other Tourists

Florida gets millions of tourists throughout the year. No matter where you go, whether it is a beach, a mainstream amusement park, or in an exciting downtown area, there will always be traffic, crowds of people, and congestion wherever you walk or drive. Depending on what you are looking for in a trip to a faraway place, this might actually tamper with your expectations. Florida is around three times the size of Costa Rica, but the places in Florida that most tourists actually travel to are few and far between.

Costa Rica has a fine balance of tourism throughout various places like Tamarindo, Parismina, and the capital San Jose. Tourists mainly come to Costa Rica for exploration, which means that you won’t see crowds of people in one area at a time, and instead those will be constantly on the move; whether it be from backpacking or traveling in search of beautiful sights and other fun attractions. You’ll see healthy activity of tourism in every place you go, but it won’t be like Disney World.