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6 Essential Travel Tips for Costa Rica

A paradise for beach bums and wildlife lovers, Costa Rica greets travelers wholeheartedly and leaves them spellbound! It’s the best of nature, food, and local experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in America, it definitely deserves a spot in every traveler’s bucket list who wishes to move away from metropolitan disarray.

Cruise at a Costa Rican Ocean

Here are some crucial things to know before you go to Costa Rica. Take note of these tips and ensure a great holiday for you as well as your friends and family!

1. USD is widely recognised

USD is commonly accepted, it is preferred for tourists to carry local Costa Rican currency – Costa Rican Colón. Digital transactions are also acceptable in most places. Currency can be exchanged at the airport or any of the exchange stores in the markets and they pretty much offer similar trade rates. Simply download the XE app in advance to be aware of the current exchange rates.

 2. Focus on the climate and seasons while booking your Trip

One of the best tips for traveling to Costa Rica is to focus on the seasons when you are arranging and booking your vacation. Consider what activities you plan to do in Costa Rica. Is it the sunny beaches? Is it nature? Or an outdoor adventure? Or is it getting lost into a retreat space?

Whatever your expectation, it’s critical to do your research beforehand for the best menths to visit Costa Rica to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.  

 3. Tap water is drinkable

Tap water in Costa Rica is for the most part known as safe to drink. The decision to drink tap water is at your own carefulness. It’s ideal to ask and check with the hotel/restaurant/bar you are in prior to drinking it. Sometimes in rural areas, it can be a safer option to drink bottled water but of course, where it’s safe to drink tap water, this is a better option for the environment.

Carry a reusable water bottle around and you’ll always find places to fill it up.

4. Ticos are Very Welcoming

If there is one fact about Costa Rica that can be stressed upon, it is that Costa Rican people are amiable and address the travel industry well! Commonly known as “Ticos” are glad to welcome you to their beautiful nation, help you, and offer a piece of their heaven with visitors.

Even though most Ticos speak English well, it certainly helps you to pick up a few Spanish words for communication.

5. Experience Wildlife like never before

Costa Rica encompasses more than 500,000 species. This incredible number embodies almost 4% of the total species estimated around the world. That’s a lot of wildlife in one beautiful little country. Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse nations on the planet. Regardless of where you are, many astonishing animals and birds can be spotted.

On the off chance that you’re looking for a sloth, you probably know to visit Costa Rica. Also, there are monkeys, macaws, ocelots, quetzal, toucans, and the coati. They even have jaguars, but good luck finding one of the most elusive creature on the planet!

6. Pack Light and Right

A few packing tips to aid you to carry the right things in your bag so that you can deal with anything from the terrain to the weather.

Water shoes – You’ll be treading in the water a lot, so make sure your shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and water-resistant if possible.

Sunglasses – It will be much sunnier than you suspect, even in the monsoon season.

Water bottle – Avoid buying water there, rather carry your own bottle and fill it up with tap water.

Quick dry towel – This is a great help for the rainy days.

Rain jacket – Well, obviously!

Comfort pants – Loose and comfortable dressing is critical.

Sunscreen – Preferably SPF 60 or above would be best to carry along with you.