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Gift Your Bride an Amazing Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Guess what your girl considers as the pièce de résistance at her wedding?

You in your shining armor/tuxedo? No, mate. Your gal’s got her mind set on bigger things on her wedding day.

Right from her hair color to the decor, the cake to the cocktail, music to makeup, wedding gown to reception, every tiny detail has to live up to her exacting standards. For each of these to fall into place and create her fairytale-romance-meets-Hollywood wedding-moment, she needs the perfect venue – more swoon-worthy, the better!

Indulge her with a dream-like destination wedding and honeymoon in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. She’s going to love it for all the reasons we’ve mentioned below and she’s going to love you all the more! 


1. Exotic wedding venues worth every penny

Bride and groom destination wedding ceremony

Image courtesy  – Javier Mendez

Weddings naturally cost a lot of money but why settle for an inferior site that bleeds you dry? Costa Rica offers your money’s worth and some. Go for a destination wedding in Costa Rica that is abundant with naturally beautiful beach side and mountainside venues, it offers the perfect backdrop of her dreams. Complete the beach wedding theme with, say, a bamboo arch with starfish garlands or orchids, vibrant blue fabrics, ribbons, and white chairs and you have the most gorgeous setting that drips romance while being understated and elegant.

Bae would blend perfectly with the backdrop in her mermaid gown or ruffled skirt that mimics the waves. You can even ditch the stuffy tuxedo for a comfy pair of Bermudas and flip-flops and go for a tropical beach wedding if the bride’s willing! Not all beaches in Costa Rica are made the same of course, but there are many secret virgin beaches that create the stunning effect she’s looking for. The same applies if a mountainside wedding is on her cards.


2. Gorgeous resorts that wow your guests

Resorts for guests at wedding in Costa Rica

A survey suggests that couples who have a destination wedding are happier compared to those who marry closer to home. But what about the peeps who fly all the way to your chosen wedding haven braving all the logistical hurdles? It’s your job to keep them happy! In Costa Rica, that job is easily accomplished thanks to lavish villas purpose-built to keep the entire wedding party happy.

Casa Bisily, a posh 12-bedroom villa overlooking the ocean on one side and lush mountains of Playa Hermosa on the other side is the perfect example. Everything shouts vacation luxury at this villa, right from the plush sofas in the spacious living and dining area, the tastefully done bedrooms with breathtaking ocean vistas, and the banquet hall where the wedding party can get going in full steam. The infinity pool that seamlessly blends with the ocean beyond is an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Get a pool party going with free-flowing booze for the adults. Ramp it up with a live DJ playing your favorite playlist and get your guests rocking (and rolling) all night!


3. Week-long partying

People partying at a wedding

It’s not a party that goes poof once the reception is over. With a flurry of fun adventures waiting to be explored, your party will take days to wind up. But first, get the stress of the nuptials off your shoulders. Sign up for a relaxing deep tissue massage at a luxury spa. Capitalize on special group packages so your entire troop gets a refreshing massage. Or head to the springs in La Fortuna to swim and soak in the therapeutic waters surrounded by serene nature.

If lovey-dovey means adventure with S.O., then you’ve got a slew of extreme activities to pick from – canyoning (ziplining), canyoneering, and extreme cliff jumping. There’s no dearth of group adventures anyhow. The most loved tour is perhaps the ATV, where you ride through the rugged yet beautiful Costa Rican terrain, stopping only to enjoy the beautiful views or to take a dip in jungle waterfalls, or to enjoy tropical fruits. Explore more adventures.


4. Top-flight end-to-end wedding services

Drinks and food

Brace yourself for panic attacks, meltdowns, and fits of temper that are uncharacteristic of your sweet angel as the wedding day draws near. Or better, rescue her from sabotaging the runup by hiring the services of wedding professional. What turns her into this (temporary) virago is her extreme desire to get everything right — the cake must have the right number of tiers, the centerpiece must be the right size, the music must have the right vibe and so on and so forth.

Let your bae pour out her dreams to the wedding planner plus designer and let the designer know how far you both are ready to loosen the purse strings. She’ll save your bride from the painstaking work of getting the logistics and aesthetics right and even take care of important details that you hadn’t accounted for in the beginning.

A big-ticket item is catering. Get it right with top chefs who excel in gourmet cuisine, both national and international. Choose from a range of entrees, hors-d’oeuvres, and desserts all cooked and served in style. Wedding photography and video are safe in the hands of local professionals. With the sky, sea, and the sun naturally accentuating the nuptial glow on your faces, the photographs and video will come out stunning.


More reasons why a destination wedding in Costa Rica beats every other location

Green wedding destination: Costa Rica

Image courtesy  – Javier Mendez

  • Excellent weather: Weather would be the last thing on your mind if you plan to elope. Yet, it helps that in Costa Rica, the weather is pleasant year round.
  • Easily accessible: You don’t have to fly halfway across the world. Costa Rica is less than a five-hour flight from the US.
  • No excessive legalities: If you’re marrying a non-Costa Rican, all you need is a valid passport. To officiate the wedding, you can engage a Catholic priest, a judge, or a lawyer.

So go ahead. Gift her a dream wedding. Get your fix of adrenaline. Walk into the sunset on the beach hand in hand, happily ever after. Write to us for wedding queries.

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