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To enjoy phenomenal fishing experience inshore, Jaco Royale arranges you some amazing sessions on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Inshore fishing can be enjoyed at any time of the year because the species don’t migrate anywhere.

You get to fish more of smaller species in inshore fishing including snook, snapper, rooster, and grouper. Inshore fishing brings you a better opportunity to catch quality fishes. However, if you are not aware of the skills of fishing, then we have the expert guides to provide with you a lesson and help you hone your fishing skills. So get ready to enjoy the country’s stunning scenery from the water for a revitalizing experience.


Jaco Royale assures you incredible billfishing in Costa Rica by providing customized and best-suited fishing tour packages to you. Whether you know the fishing art or a beginner who wishes to explore the adventure, we provide you with a team of highly knowledgeable and friendly Captains who make sure that your fishing charter is an experience to be remembered and cherished for life. They are well aware of the points and rocks that hold a fish, and you catch a fish for satisfying fishing experience.

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