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Classy and first-rate personal chef services

Discover the culinary delights of Costa Rica and the best of international cuisine from the menus of Royale personal chefs. Be it a romantic dinner for two or a full-service banquet, Royale personal chef services extend to you a fine dining experience. With personal chefs to cater to every taste, you are welcome to indulge in every hedonistic pleasure out here. Buen Provecho!

Talented Chefs

We are proud to have on our team some of the celebrated private chefs of Costa Rica. Tuck away steak that is cooked to perfection, savor every bite of the exquisite seafood, and indulge in exotic desserts among other gourmet dishes.

Personalized Services

We all have our food quirks—predilections that come to bite us when we go abroad and find limited choices there. Not in Costa Rica! Royale personal chefs are ready to indulge you with food that is exactly to your liking.

International Cuisine

Should you prefer international flavors over local cuisine, you have a comprehensive menu to pick and choose from. Royale personal chef services offer an array of international food, including North American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese.

Fresh Ingredients

The finest ingredients go into every meal you order from Royale personal chef services. The high-quality ingredients help lock in the natural flavors and enhance them when our chefs pull out their magic wand to create exotic combinations.

Traditional Cuisine

Your experience of Costa Rica is not complete without Tico food. Relish the authentic taste of Costa Rican delectables prepared by Royale personal chefs. Rice, beans, eggs, bananas, tortilla, cheese, pork, and a wide range of seafood feature in the gastronomical delights.

Royale Chef

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