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Project Description


For an all-inclusive wellness retreat in Costa Rica

A solitary retreat in Costa Rica? Don’t be surprised! There is more to Costa Rica than its sizzling nightlife and daring adventures. Peel away those images of a bustling beach town and you will find the perfect hideaways for a solitary retreat. Rejuvenate yourself and advance your health goals with Royale’s all-inclusive wellness packages.

Wellness Retreat

With sun-kissed beaches, tumbling rapids, misty mountains, verdant rainforests, and hundreds of birds, your solitary retreat in Costa Rica will be nothing short of peaceful and picture-perfect.

Plunge into nature and give into its free healing powers. Cultivate an enduring sense of well being through our holistic treatments, and seek your inner self through yoga and meditation. Experience the best of all three with Royale’s all-inclusive wellness retreat.


De-stress, detoxify, and treat yourself to some world-class massage at Costa Rica’s famous wellness centers. The facilities and services available are among the best in the world.

From essential oil therapy to a deep tissue massage, the centers offer a full range of custom massage services that will leave you glowing from within and out. Just relax while expert masseurs and therapists take you under their wings and work wonders on your body.

Come and experience the pure life in Costa Rica and let life’s pressures melt away.

Royale Solitude