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Project Description


Hone your surfing skills and flaunt your maneuvers

Welcome to world-class surfing! Not a surfer yet? Don’t worry, our trainers will get you started in no time. There’s no way you can miss out on this super fun sport while you are in Costa Rica, which among its other honors, is a surfing paradise. Novice or champ, you’re in for a whale of a time.

Swell Surfing Conditions

Light offshore winds, well-contoured seabeds, good swell exposure, diverse surf breaks – natural forces have closed ranks here to create some of the best surf spots of the world. There are swells for all skill levels – spilling waves to a whole range of swirling barrels. In the Central Pacific region of Jaco, these surfing conditions prevail across seasons.

Qualified Surfing Trainers

Surfing is not just a vocation but a passion for our trainers, some of whom have proved their prowess in highly demanding championships. Coaching a stream of surfers of all ages, genders, and competency levels, they have stacked up years of experience. This shows when they pace lessons for beginners, progressively helping them ace new maneuvers.

Safe Surfing Equipment

In the interests of safety and comfort, a principle we adhere to across our services, we ensure you are fitted only with surfboards that are appropriate for your height, weight, and competency. There is no compromise on quality, so be assured of riding safely whether you are barreling, nosediving, rolling, flipping, or testing out any of your dashing maneuvers.

Royale Surfing

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