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Surf through some of the best waves on this planet as Jaco Royale helps you enjoy amazing surfing experience in Costa Rica. With over 300 beaches having white, golden, and gray sand along with a coastline of around 750 miles, Costa Rica is indeed a surfers’ paradise, whether beginner or expert. If you love water sports, Costa Rica makes for an unraveled surfing destination with clear, world-class waves for all levels of surfers. These waves hold magical powers to de-stress you and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Stand Up Paddling Package

Stand up paddling (SUP) is a fun water sport that just about anyone in your group can enjoy regardless of their age, weight, or skill level. On the calm, Clat waters of Herradura Bay, it can look practically effortless. True, there is no steep learning curve involved in SUP.

Location: Jaco
Length of Tour: 2 hrs
Includes: Bilingual Guides, Hotel Pick Up Offered & Daily Departs


Surfing in Costa Rica is a unique experience as it has two coastlines, the Pacific and the Caribbean to make surfing both the shores possible in one day. Also, it makes for the most consistent surf on the planet as it never reaches WSL Big Wave standards. With beginners-friendly waves, bath temperature sea water, and year-round waves, this destination provides you an incredible view of rainforest, abundant flora and fauna along with a view of some spectacular volcanoes and romantic towns.


To make you feel safe and comfortable in the water and to let you enjoy the best surfing experience, Jaco Royale provides you professional training under the expert guidance of professional and highly-experienced surfing trainers. Our skilled coaches train you for all competency levels irrespective of your age or gender. They use different techniques to improve your surfing approach in a variety of quality waves. They progressively help you ace new maneuvers and help you take surfing to the next level.


At Jaco Royale, we never take a chance with the safety of our guests. We strongly adhere to all safety principles and ensure a secure and comfortable surfing experience by providing you with essential items that can make or break your surf session. We make sure that the surfboards fit you appropriately for your height, weight and competency level. No matter what surfing moves you try, whether barreling, flipping or rolling, we assure you a safe ride with high-quality safety equipment.

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