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5 Fun Places to Enjoy Fishing in Costa Rica

man fishing in Jaco

The waters of Costa Rica are teeming with an abundance of fresh and saltwater fish. Whether you are a professional angler or just a novice trying your luck, you are bound to enjoy the entire experience. The idea is not to deplete the marine population but to indulge in this thrilling sport. Preferably only catch what you intend eating.

To make the most of the best fishing in Costa Rica, adopt the legal route. Ensure you purchase the mandatory fishing license before embarking on this adventure. Listed here are the top five spots bursting with the freshest of catches:

Los Sueños Marina

Located in Jaco, this Marina was the first one to receive the Government’s sanction. You can expect bountiful catches in the months spanning December to March though year-round, the fishing scene does not disappoint. The Los Sueños Marina houses a fleet of luxury fishing boats and even yachts.

No surprise that it is considered a fascinating fishing destination for offshore and inshore adventures, with a host of species up for grabs. This list includes black marlin, roosterfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, blue marlin, billfish, snapper, and sailfish.

Marina Pez Vela

Some years ago, Marina Pez Vela hosted the Offshore World Championship. Situated in Quepos, also referred to as the world’s sailfish capital, marine life is aplenty in these waters. Quepos neighbors the Manuel Antonio National Park making it easy to precede a rainforest adventure with a fishing expedition.

If you are aiming to catch Marlin, September and October are the ideal months to fish here. For sailfish, there is a wider window covering November to April. During high season expect to find big catches weighing up to 120 pounds.

Crocodile Bay

Tucked in picturesque Gulfo Dulce is an eco-resort specializing in fishing called Crocodile Bay Fishing Resort. Multiple streams and rivers empty into Gulfo Dulce, which translates into Sweet Gulf. The fish population here is simply thriving, as this zone is highly protected with strict fishing regulations. Popular catches here comprise of African pompano, snapper, grouper, cubera, amberjack, and trevally.


For the best fishing in Costa Rica, head to Costa Rica’s Northern Caribbean coast. You can only access this remote coastline via boat or a small plane yet, Tortuguero is a worthwhile destination. It boasts of freshwater fish and sea turtles in abundance. From January to May, you can have your fill of tarpon.

Marina Papagayo

June to October are the ideal months to fish at Costa Rica’s newest Marina built with the environment uppermost in mind. Marina Papagayo is situated in the Gulf of Papagayo, and here is where you can source the largest roosterfish.
No wonder Costa Rica has gained the title of being one of the world’s top fishing destinations.